Helpful Links

The following are a list of links to a variety of sites that we find helpful and/or educational.

Apple/Mac/iPod & iPhone News:

  • Ars Technica
    • This link is to the Apple-specific section of the Ars website (called "Infinite Loop"), but the rest of the site is fantastic as well. Note that sometimes they have Apple-related articles on the front page that don't make it to the Infinite Loop section. In particular they sometimes have extremely detailed reviews of Apple products; for instance, whenever a new version of OS X comes out they post a review that is often book-like in length and depth.
  • iLounge
    • This site is iPod and iPhone specific. They have reviews of hundreds of different accessories, and they do some fantastic roundup reviews which can be very helpful when trying to decide what accessories to purchase.
  • OS X Advanced Topics: